CASTING CALL- I’m standing next to you

 July 2nd, 9th and 16th. Greater Manchester Fringe Festival

Our world has never been more connected. We can contact people around the world instantly and can like their photos and comment on their lives. So why is it that increasing numbers of people feel alone?

People have stopped being connected to a physical place and to each other. We stand next to each other and don’t make eye contact, we don’t know our neighbours and we choose to bury our heads when we should be engaging with people. Our sense of community now feels broken. There is something very wrong about a world when we can stand in a busy crowd but feel more alone than ever.

“I’m standing next to you” is a promenade theatre experience looking at modern life and how it possible to feel alone when you are in a busy crowd. The show will be performed as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival in an unconventional space, where the audience is free to move around. These stories will deal with the themes of loneliness and isolation.

We are a local theatre company, whose work has been performed at the Lowry, the Roundabout Theatre, the Buxton fringe, the Play for Free festival and the Page to Stage Festival. We are looking for actors who have experience devising new work and who are willing to collaborate and develop the script alongside the writers. Actors need to be committed, flexible, hardworking and comfortable delivering a monologue in very close proximity to an audience.

All ages listed are playing ages and actors must be at least 18 years old.

The job is currently based on a profit share, but we are awaiting a decision on arts council funding. If this is successful, actors will be paid for rehearsals and performances.

We are looking for the following roles:

Character 1

Successful, seemingly confident character. She is optimistic but struggles with the realities of dating in the digital age. Good sense of comic timing.

Any accent and ethnicity. Age 25-35. Female.

Character 2

Recent graduate who has had to return home to live with his parents. Previously confident and outgoing, he struggles with his situation and starts to withdraw from others and feel anxious. Good sense of comic timing.

Any accent and ethnicity. Age 20-25. Male

Character 3

Still at school, they haven’t really developed his/her identity as yet . He/she uses social media as a crutch and begins to struggle to tell the difference between the real world and the fictional world people create on the internet.

Any accent and ethnicity. Age 15-18. Male or Female

Character 4

A recent arrival into the UK as a refugee. He/she is allocated Manchester as part of the refugee dispersal project and is struggling to adapt to a new culture without any help or support.

We are keen to see actors from any non-caucasian background. Any age and gender.



Applications close 8th April, we aim to see people the week beginning the 11th April.

Please email headshot and CV to