Casting Call

We are currently looking to cast 2 parts for a 1 hour play that we are taking to the Buxton Fringe in July. The piece was originally a devised short that has been rewritten and extended and appeared last year in the Page to Stage Festival in Liverpool.The play is about a famous author, who is appearing on a live television to talk about his latest book. The interviewer has evidence that he has stolen the most recent book and wants to expose him for the liar that he is. As the interview questions get harder, the author starts to struggle and his memories and the truth, start spilling into the studio. The line between memory and reality is blurred and the author faces a battle to keep his secrets.
The play will be rehearsed during May and June, with performances starting in the second week of July. There is flexibility with the rehearsal schedule to accomodate people who work, although we would expect people to be available for the whole day on the dates of each performance to help with promotion. 

The work would be on a profit share basis between the director, producer and 4 cast members.
We are casting for the following parts:
NATHAN (Male,  playing age 28-35)
A famous author, known for a series of generic spy fiction books. Nathan was eventually dropped by his publisher due to dwindling sales and he find it difficult to accept his life back in the ordinary world, believing that he is meant to be known for more than this. Nathan suddenly returned to the public eye with a brand new book, unlike anything else he had written before and he has been dogged by rumours that he stole the book from his ex partner. Nathan is charming and intelligent, he is very used to being interviewed and talking about his life although recent events are starting to make him struggle with his conscience. He has started to drink more than he should.
Lee (Male, playing age mid twenties)
Ex partner of Nathan, who appears in flash backs. Studied History at university but always wanted to become a writer. After leaving University he tried to support himself whilst he started trying to write but struggled with this. Lee met Nathan after accidentally walking into one of his book signing and the two started a relationship. Lee was very supportive of Nathan although felt that his life and career always came second to Nathan’s. Lee loves supporting the underdog and belives that everyone, no matter who they are, is capable of creating great things.
If you are interested in auditioning for either part, please send your CV and a recent photo to